Potbelly Menu Prices 2020 – New Info On This Issue..

A long time before sandwiches were toasted and cookies were on straws, Peter Hastings and his wife owned an antique shop within the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. This quirky shop was doing well, however the determined pair knew they could always do better. In 1977, they decided to start serving sandwiches to their curious, collecting customers. As time passed, the little antique shop slowly turned into the neighborhood lunchtime getaway. With lines reaching out the door and around the corner, customers enjoyed toasty warm sandwiches, homemade desserts and even live music in this unique atmosphere.

In 1996, entrepreneur Bryant Keil purchased the first shop and set up out to spread the potbelly menu with prices 2020 love across the country, creating shops with the exact same neighborhood feel since the original. Today, the Potbelly magic continues being a publicly traded company, using more than 400 neighborhood Potbelly Sandwich Shops around the world.

The Potbelly Stove – We’re pretty confident that we own the title of World’s Largest Collector of Antique Stoves since there is one out of each shop. For quite some time, potbelly stoves warmed countless homes and acted as gathering places- warm little outposts where local people could share food plus some conversation. Potbelly stoves may well be a thing of the past, however, you can certainly still find the same warmth and good vibes with a Potbelly Sandwich Shop in your town.

Our Promise – Fresh, Fast & Friendly. We don’t start using these words lightly.

Fresh starts each morning. Before just one sandwich is toasted or salad is crafted we’re preparing fresh veggies, meats and cheese and sending a fresh batch of cookies from the oven- because we know fresh food makes you smile!

Your time is precious. Lunch time is “YOU” time, it’s not standing-in-line time! At potbelly sandwich menu we know that nobody gets a lunch “hour” anymore- that’s why we get you through the fishing line fast, to help you position the “YOU” way back in lunch.

Friendly folks and the welcoming warmth of any potbelly stove will always be here to greet you. Potbelly lets you leave the entire world behind. It’s a friendly oasis and a comfy hangout. You can pullup a chair, take pleasure in the unique neighborhood décor and relax. Spend time, leave happy.

Food Loving – We feel you are able to taste the main difference when simple, high-quality ingredients are used. Whole roasted turkey breast. Angus roast beef. Grilled all-natural chicken. Albacore tuna. Authentic Italian meats.

We are committed to other quality ingredients also. From vine-ripened tomatoes and crispy cucumbers sliced each morning, to authentic roasted red peppers, tangy crumbled blue cheese and chicken salad hand-made in-shop.

We fire in the ovens every morning and bake fresh batches of our original recipe cookies. Crispy on the outside having a chewy center, potbelly opening hours cookies would be the ultimate sweet treat. We don’t skimp on the size either, so that you jwfywb lots to enjoy!

We are passionate about serving awesome food…tasty, top quality ingredients made just right using the highest standards in food safety. We’ll create your order just how you will want to buy. Crafted by those who love great food- for people who love great food.

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